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Shor Acid Resistant Vacuum and Transfer (ARVT) Pump System

Shor Acid Resistant Vacuum and Transfer (ARVT) Pump System

In the acid method of refining gold (the age-old Aqua Regia method the-ultimate-aqua-regia-refiners-guide, the acids and the fumes that are generated by the acids are exceptionally corrosive (less than 1 second of exposure is all that is needed to cause a reaction that will rust even the highest grades of stainless steel). Despite this (and because of this), it is necessary to use vacuum and transfer pumps to move and help filter this acid. Most transfer pumps cannot work without priming (a dangerous and inadvisable procedure when working with acid). Vacuum pumps, because they are made from metal, corrode within days or weeks. The Shor ARVT Pump is different. It's made for daily use in both transferring and filtering acid in large volume. This is the heart of our acid refining systems (see Shor's aqua-regia-gold-refining-system). Our smallest aqua regia [acid] system will handle 500 ounces of gold a day.

The ARVT Pump will transfer up to 1 liter of acid every 2 seconds and develop an incredible vacuum of 29.5 inches of mercury (almost an absolute vacuum!). When used with a vacuum plate over your Buchner filter funnel (see Shor Buchner funnels), you can both transfer and filter your acid in one step without ever handling the jars of acid ARVT Pumps sold 19.950 years ago (when we first developed it) are still in daily use. The ARVT Pump will deliver decades of trouble-free service when properly maintained with regular replacement of the "O" rings and Cap Seals. If you do a lot of refining with acid, this pump will make life a lot easier (and safer) for you. Maximum setting will move 1 quart of acid every 2 seconds. You can adjust the amount of draw by raising or lowering the stroke adjustment bolt.

When used in combination with a Buchner filter funnel , gasket and vacuum plate, you can do all you filtering and acid moving operation without ever pouring any acids, ever!

This pump operates by air pressure and requires a minimum compressor size of 1/2 hp.



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