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In over 100 years of service to the industry, Shor has introduced more major innovations to the jewelry industry than all other supply houses combined.


Some of these innovations include:

  • The lost wax casting method
  • Modem polishing and dust collection. Virtually every polishing system on the market today is based on the original Shor designs.
  • Visilapping
  • Plastic injection
  • Sandblasting
  • Steam Dewaxing
  • Medium frequency melting and casting machines
  • Electronic jewelry scales
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Vibratory finishers
  • In-house refining and assay systems
  • Non-acid gold refining systems
  • Gold recovery systems
  • Diamond faceting machines
  • Steamers
  • Video instructions
  • Many texturing processes including laser finish, bark finish and dozens of satin finishes
  • Jewelry cameras, micromotors and many, many more products and processes
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