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ARVT Vacuum Pump

Originally developed by Shor R&D for the refining industry, this pump will take high volumes of acid into its body without any damage whatsoever to the pump.

Unlike standard vacuum pumps which are easily damaged by water vapor, and which require continual maintenance to prevent even small amounts of water incursion, the ARVT vacuum pump remains completely unaffected by even gallons of water passing through the body of the pump. Maintenance on this pump is very simple: simply pour a quart of mineral oil into the intake of the pump. The pump will suck the oil into its body and the pump it out within a couple of seconds. That's it!

Other features include:

  • Very high volume.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Evacuates 1 quart of air every 4 seconds.
  • Develops a minimum of 30 inches mercury vacuum (15psi vacuum)

The ARVT pump is pneumatic and requires a minimum 1 hp compressor.



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