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    Aqua Regia Gold & Platinum Refining Starter Kit

    A comprehensive and inexpensive refining kit, including all the consumable chemicals (except muriatic acid, available in your local paint store) needed to refine both gold and platinum.  This kit is commonly used to refine jewelry, black sands, computer scrap, catalytic converters and many other gold and platinum items. 

    This kit includes the most recent chemical innovations of the aqua regia process, a time-tested process dating back over one thousand years.

    The process is simple and straight forward.  The kit includes comprehensive written instructions and detailed video instructions are embedded below.  Additionally, as with all our products, the kit comes with unlimited tech support. 

    Typical purity achieved is 99.95%.  Typical losses are zero.  Even the first time the process is used!

    Supplies included:

    • 1 bottle of Precious Metal Test Liquid (used to test the waste solution to ensure that no dissolved gold is accidentally discarded).  This solution is sensitive down to 4 parts gold per million parts solution.  This bottle is sufficient for several dozen tests. A single bottle is usually enough for a year’s worth of tests.
    • 1 bottle of Ammonia Test Solution (used to test the rinsed pure gold to ensure that no dissolved impurities are left clinging to the gold).  This solution is sensitive down to 4 parts dissolved impurities per million parts solution.  One bottle contains enough solution for dozens of tests, enough that it is usually replaced only once a year.
    • Test Solution Caddy & Spot Plate (a neat way to hold your test solutions, with a handy spot plate for testing).
    • 1 reusable pipette for sampling the solution.
    • 1 pound of Quadratic Precipitant (selectively converts dissolved gold into particles of gold).  Odorless!  Precipitates large, heavy particles of gold, so they are easily rinsed with no worry of accidently decanting gold or losses of gold passing through a filter, a common problem when using alternative precipitants like sodium metabisulfite.  One pound is enough precipitant for one pound of dissolved metal (plastic, ceramic materials, etc. don’t count).
    • 1 pound of Ammonium Chloride (a selective precipitant for platinum).  One pound is sufficient for 1 pound of metal.
    • 1 cup of Urea (used to neutralize free nitrogen ions).  Generally, only a pinch is needed for each refining batch.
    • 1 pound of MX-3 dissolving agent (used with muriatic acid to dissolve your metal).   MX-3 is a dry, crystalline, non-hazardous substitute for nitric acid, when used to create aqua regia.  Just as effective as nitric acid but without the hazard or fumes associated with nitric acid (these fumes are typically reduced by 90-95% when compared with nitric acid aqua regia).
    • Comprehensive written instructions.  See below for video instructions.
    • Kit does not include any beakers, containers or hotplate.  If you are looking for a system that includes all the hardware (beakers, hotplate, magnetic stirrer, basket, filter pouch, scrubber, etc.) you will want the Shor AR3G refining system.