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Precious Metal Detection Liquid

Precious Metal Detection Liquid

The Precious Metal Detection Liquid is a stannous chloride solution used to determine that no more precious metal is dissolved in aqua regia or saltwater solutions.

Detect your metals. Intuitively.

Precious metals are just that: precious. Therefore detecting metals in solutions must be simple so that precious metals aren't left behind.

  • This liquid detects gold, silver and platinum group metals (including platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium) by changing color.
  • Each precious metal makes a unique and vivid color change.
Precision Is Key
  • Used to test for the presence of dissolved precious metals in chloride solutions.
  • Sensitive down to 4 parts of precious metal per million parts of solution
  • Recommended use on spot plate or mirror for the most sensitive results.
  • Requires only a drop or two of solution to test
  • One bottle is usually sufficient for a hundred or more tests



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