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Shor Electrolytic Thumb Cell Silver Refining System

Shor Electrolytic Thumb Cell Silver Refining System

This is a purely electrolytic system, requiring a separate rectifier (available from Shor) and works only with silver that is at least 90% pure before refining (Sterling silver is 92+% pure). Produces standard electrolytic grade silver of 99.95-99.99% purity. Uses a dilute nitric acid for electrolyte, so some ventilation is required. Requires a rectifier of at least 25 amps (not included).

Features include:

  • Produces electrolytic grade silver (99.95-99.99% pure).
  • Easy to use: requires no experience.
  • Low labor: requires almost no monitoring.
  • Continuously produces pure silver, not a batch operation. Simply put in a new bar of scrap silver as the old one is dissolved into solution. Take out the pure silver any time, without interrupting the refining process.
  • Compact: takes up just 1 cubic foot.
  • Snap on lid: all-plastic construction.
  • Can also be used for refining gold scrap, but only when the gold to be refined is already at least 90% pure before refining.
  • Very inexpensive to purchase and to run.

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