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    Gold & Platinum Refining by the Acid Method

    Shor carries everything you need to refine gold, silver and platinum group metals.

    Our saltwater system, the Simplicity Refining System works without acids or other toxic chemicals. This system is suitable for refining jewelry, bullion, coins, jeweler's bench sweeps and other similar material.

    Our aqua regia system, the Shor Aqua Regia Gold & Platinum Refining System, uses no nitric acid, is completely self-contained and employs an integrated scrubber to clean and neutralize all fumes before they are exhausted. This system uses the revolutionary Quadratic Precipitant and MX3 concentrated dissolving agent.

    We also have all of the chemicals you need for refining, including both chemical compounds and mixtures developed by Shor R&D (such as Quadratic and MX3), complete chemical kits like the Aqua Regia Starter Kit, as well as the more common chemicals such as sodium nitrate and sodium metabisulfite. All at very competitive prices. Comprehensive instructions are available on all of these products, as well as free, no-charge technical support.

    • One of the safest and most advanced aqua regia gold refining systems available.

      The Shor Aqua Regia Gold & Platinum Refining System is ideally suited for refining of electronic scrap as well as jeweler’s polishing and bench sweeps. This system will also refine nuggets, dust and all other forms of gold.

      In an industry where refining companies often pay only 10-15% of the gold content in electronic scrap, do-it-yourself refining is a must. This system generally pays for itself several times over in just the first batch.

      100% gold recovery.

      This system includes a very simple-to-use test kit that will detect as little as four parts of gold per million parts of solution, ensuring that no dissolved gold is lost.

      99.95+% purity.

      A very easy to use and simple test kit ensures that no dissolved impurities end up in your refined pure gold.

      Learn more about the included test kit

      No nitric acid, only muriatic.

      This system uses Shor’s MX3, an equally-powerful, non-hazardous alternative. The MX3 dissolving agent also reduces fumes by 90-95%.

      Learn more about Shor's MX3

      Easy to use.

      While this system is an excellent choice for experienced refiners, it is designed for people with little or no refining experience.

      No acid fumes exhausted.

      The AR system employs an integrated, powerful scrubber that removes all fumes that are emitted in the system as your metal dissolves.

      Completely self-contained.

      Everything's in one container, eliminating the need to move solutions around between dissolving and precipitating.

      What's included


      This complete unit comes with all of the supplies included in the Aqua Regia Starter Kit, which consists of:

      Note: muriatic acid, while not included with this system, can be found at any paint store.


      The Shor Aqua Regia Refining System comes with all of the equipment needed to refine, including:

      • Refiner Base, with integrated Testing Stone
      • E-Scrap Basket, tailored for refining electronic scrap
      • Reaction and Dissolution Chamber, with integrated immersion heating technology
      • All the measuring supplies and safety equipment you need
      For complete video instructions:


      SKU: SubzGoldRefining

    • This cap pneumatically agitates aqua regia solutions and gold for a much more rapid and complete dissolution of the metal.

      Aqua regia refining of some forms of gold can be a challenge. With gold dust, jewelers sweeps and similar materials, the particles tend to sit tightly against each other, making it difficult for the solution to enter and dissolve the metal. With high silver content kart gold (10K, 18K and green gold), the silver content form an insoluble coating of silver chloride that inhibits the AR solution's ability to get through to dissolve the gold under that coating.

      The Pneumatic Agitator Cap solves this problem, stirring the aqua regia by continually injecting air into the solution.

      Cap is available in 110V only.


      SKU: SubZaircap

    • Dissolution Chamber for the Shor Aqua Regia Refining System.


      SKU: SubzChamber

    • The Shor Aqua Regia Gold & Platinum Refining System is often used to refine the gold found in e-scrap (circuit boards, chips, etc.). The volume of non-metal (plastic, fiberglass, ceramics, etc.) to metal is pretty high, so much more acid is required just to cover the material than is required to dissolve it. So the most economical way to dissolve the metal is to remove the non-metals after the metal is dissolved and then add more e-scrap.

      The Shor Aqua Regia Gold & Platinum Refining System provides you with one E-Scrap Basket, though many users choose to use multiple for faster processing.

      This process of adding e-scrap and later removing the undissolved non-metals can continue until the acid is saturated with metal and no longer will dissolve any more. The basket provides an excellent, convenient way to easily add and remove the e-scrap.

      • Easily add and remove e-scrap
      • Extra basket allows for faster adding and removing e-scrap
      • This product is generally used with a Shor Filter Pouch, to capture fine undissolved particles


      SKU: 63.601

    • Includes all of the consumable supplies needed to begin refining circuit boards and other gold-bearing material.

      Supplies included:

      For video instructions, see:



    • Designed for aqua regia systems. This is a passive system and requires no pumps other other positive or negative air displacement apparatus.This is a passive unit that should be connected by hose to a sealed cylinder or other similar apparatus.


      SKU: MX3-Scrubber

    • Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is much more porous than regular charcoal, which allows stronger absorbance of fumes. It is used in the Aqua Regia Refining System in a self-contained system to eliminate any arising fumes.

      Treated activated charcoal not only neutralizes the aqua regia odor, but it also neutralizes the acidity of the vapors. The result is a full scrubbing of aqua regia fumes.

      Made with the finest grade of coconut shell.


      SKU: 63.602

    • A superior, dry, non-hazardous substitute for nitric acid when making aqua regia. This very dense chemical mixture dissolves instantly, making it far more economical to use than sodium nitrate. MX3 possesses all of the advantages that sodium nitrate has over nitric acid, including:

      • It is far less hazardous
      • Fumes are reduced by 90-95%
      • it is more easily obtained
      • It is far less expensive

      $11.99 to $99.99

    • A dry, powdered, non-hazardous replacement for nitric acid when making aqua regia with muriatic acid.

      Nitric acid is highly corrosive and highly toxic nitric oxide fumes when used in the aqua regia process of refining precious metal. Additionally, it is expensive and difficult to obtain. By using Subzero instead of nitric acid, nitric oxide fumes are completely eliminated. Subzero can be comfortably stored for extended periods of time without deterioration or hazmat concerns. Subzero is a safe and economical replacement for nitric acid when making aqua regia.

      All ingredients in the Subzero are chemically pure.

      For detailed instruction on use:

      $11.99 to $99.95

    • A commonly used dry substitute for nitric acid when making aqua regia. This compound is significantly better than nitric because:

      • It is far less hazardous
      • Fumes are reduced by 90-95%
      • it is more easily obtained
      • It is far less expensive

      One drawback is that is dissolves very slowly. Often much of both the sodium nitrate and HCl are wasted because the sodium nitrate remains undissolved. For a compound that dissolves faster completely, we recommend MX3 Dissolving Agent.

      For video instructions, see:

      $9.90 to $29.95

    • When refining using the aqua regia method, it is necessary to add urea before the gold is precipitated. Typically, especially with nitric-acid-based aqua regia, there are free nitrogen ions in solution. This can cause some gold to redissolve after it has precipitated. Adding urea neutralizes free nitrogen ions and prevents gold from redissolving.

      This product is chemically pure (99.90%).

      $9.99 to $79.99

    • This exciting new product makes gold refining much easier and more comfortable. After over a decade in development by Shor’s R&D department, this powdered precipitant has been perfected to meet all of the characteristics you've been asking for, including:
      • Odorless
      • Non-hazardous
      • Unlimited shelf life
      • Gold precipitates as heavy mud, commonly referred to as “sponge,” making filtering unnecessary.
      • Precipitates pure gold from all chloride-based solutions, including: saltwater, nitric acid-based aqua regia, SubZero based aqua regia and all other chloride-based solutions.
      • Very selective; precipitates only gold, of at least 99.95+% purity.
      • Over a decade in development by Shor R&D. Field tested by hundreds of users.
      • Reasonably priced.

      $19.95 to $159.95

    • Sodium metabisulfite (also known as sodium bisulfite) is an affordable and effective selective precipitant for gold. This chemical can recover up to 99.95% of pure gold when the precipitated gold is thoroughly rinsed. It works well even at room temperature. This product has a chemical grade purity of 99.98%.

      Proper ventilation is required. This precipitant has a very strong, pungent, acid odor and is corrosive.

      Precipitated gold particles vary in size, but tend to be small and float easily in the rinse water. For this reason, special care must be taken to avoid accidentally pouring off gold with the rinse water.

      For video instructions, see:

      $9.95 to $29.95

    • The Precious Metal Detection Liquid is a stannous chloride solution used to determine that no more precious metal is dissolved in aqua regia or saltwater solutions.

      Detect your metals. Intuitively.

      Precious metals are just that: precious. Therefore detecting metals in solutions must be simple so that precious metals aren't left behind.

      • This liquid detects gold, silver and platinum group metals (including platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium) by changing color.
      • Each precious metal makes a unique and vivid color change.
      Precision Is Key
      • Used to test for the presence of dissolved precious metals in chloride solutions.
      • Sensitive down to 4 parts of precious metal per million parts of solution
      • Recommended use on spot plate or mirror for the most sensitive results.
      • Requires only a drop or two of solution to test
      • One bottle is usually sufficient for a hundred or more tests



    • Ammonia Detection Liquid is used to determine that your gold has been thoroughly washed and is very pure by detecting dissolved impurities clinging to refined gold mud.


      • Sensitive to 4 parts dissolved impurities to one million parts solution.
      • Requires only a drop or two to test.
      • Shelf life of about 1 year.
      • One bottle is usually sufficient for over one hundred tests.


      SKU: AmmoniaTestLiquid

    • This is an effective and non-hazardous precipitant for platinum and palladium in chloride based solutions, such as saltwater and aqua regia. Add 1 ounce for every dissolved ounce of metal. Package contains 1 pound of ammonium chloride.


      SKU: AmChloride

    • An environmentally-friendly way to neutralize caustic soda (lye) solutions. Citric acid is a critical component to safely work with caustic solutions.

      $11.99 to $49.99

    • Also known as lye or caustic soda. Add water and simmer in a Pyrex or Stainless Steel pot for 1 hour. Removes rouge, shellac, rubber wheels, iron filing and even deoxidizes your bench sweeps. all in one step! Sodium hydroxide is a hazmat item.


      SKU: LYE