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    Quadratic Gold Precipitant

    This exciting new product makes gold refining much easier and more comfortable. After over a decade in development by Shor’s R&D department, this powdered precipitant has been perfected to meet all of the characteristics you've been asking for, including:
    • Odorless
    • Non-hazardous
    • Unlimited shelf life
    • Gold precipitates as heavy mud, commonly referred to as “sponge,” making filtering unnecessary.
    • Precipitates pure gold from all chloride-based solutions, including: saltwater, nitric acid-based aqua regia, SubZero based aqua regia and all other chloride-based solutions.
    • Very selective; precipitates only gold, of at least 99.95+% purity.
    • Over a decade in development by Shor R&D. Field tested by hundreds of users.
    • Reasonably priced.
    SKU: QuadraticPrecip
    $19.95 to $159.95

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