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    File Finding Guide

    Hardness - Standard Grobet files are Rockwell hardness 60-62 HRc. Grobet Valtitan files are Rockwell hardness 72HRc.

    Basic ApplicationType of File RecommendedBasic ApplicationType of File Recommended
    Flat SurfacesHandFlat Surfaces-CornersBarrette
    Flat Surfaces-SlotsPillar & CrochetKeyways Dovetail WaysBarrette
    Curved Surfaces-Corners-Holes Round or CrossingGear Teeth DeburringBarrette
    Corner of Curved & Flat SurfacesCrossing & CrochetRounded Inside Corners-HolesRound
    Slots-Wedge Shaped OpeningsKnifeRounded CornersCrochet & Pippin
    Corners-SlotsSlitting or EquallingHoles-"V" SlotsPippin
    SlotsWarding & ScrewheadRoughening Surfaces for GripsCheckering
    Edges (Joints)JointCorners-Holes-Edges3-Square & Square

    Scale of Cuts

    The lower the number, the coarser the cut. For instance, "00" is very coarse, while "4" is very fine.

    Teeth per Inch (Upcut)304151647997117142173213295
    10" and over in length00012346
    4" to 8" in length00012346
    3" in length000123468
    Needle file 4" to 7"002346
    Regular Rifflers02346