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    Diamond Files - Needle, Escapement, Riffler & Habilis

    Habilis Diamond Files

    Excellent for filing large areas of different materials as well as very hard materials.. Can even be used for marble shaping applications. In spite of the heavy duty applications, these diamond files have a very high resistance to wear. Overall length is 8-1/2" and a diamond surface of 4" (10 cm).

    Diamond Needle Files

    Engineered to deliver performance unequaled by any other file, for use on ultra-hard materials. Carbide, hardened steel, exotic metals, ceramics and glass are no match for these precision files. Excellent material removal is the result of a unique process which bonds the 2-1/2" long diamond surface. Overall length is 5-1/2" (14 cm).

    Diamond Escapement Files

    These square handle files have an overall length of 5-1/2" (14 cm). Their diamond surface is 19/16" to 29/16" (40-65 mm), depending upon shape. Used in fine watchmaking, in finishing fine castings and other delicate work.