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    Swiss Crochet Files & Warding Files

    All files are double cut (cross cut) unless otherwise noted.
    • Useful in developing slots with rounded edges. Tapered in width and thickness, coming to a point. Cut top and bottom, double cut. Cut on both sides, single cut.

      $29.60 to $51.90

    • Overall length 5-1/2". Length of cut 3-1/2". Files are double cut (cross cut)/

      $29.90 to $32.15

    • Files are double cut (cross cut).

      $12.55 to $15.45

    • Useful in removal of burs. Parallel in thickness and tapered in width. Double cut top and bottom. Single cut sides. Files are double cut (cross cut).

      $21.20 to $34.25

    • All Files are double cut (cross cut).


    • Overall length 5-1/2". Length of cut 3-1/2". Files are double cut (cross cut).

      $27.10 to $29.20

    • A popular file with locksmiths, the Warding file was designed for filing or repairing "wards" in licks and keys. As the Warding file is thin, it is also suited for any application where the space is too narrow for other files to fit. This file tapers toward the end. Double cut on top and bottom but single cut on the edges. Swiss made.

      Files come in Bastard Cut (00), 2nd Cut (0), and Smooth Cut (2).

      Sold (and priced) as packs of 12 files.

      $113.40 to $193.20

    • For platinum, stainless steel, exotic plastics and other hard to file materials. The hardest surface known
      Rockwell hardness 72HRc. Best performance on hard-to-file surfaces. Little or no clogging, a simple knock is enough to remove the chips. Highly resistant to corrosion. Swiss. Files are double cut (cross cut).


    • Well made, yet economical , Swiss needle files, made of chrome alloy steel. Cut portion is 3" long.

      $58.60 to $65.75