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Wax Files & Rasps

  • Bastard Cut (00) American Pattern Round Rasp

    Bastard Cut (00) American Pattern Round Rasp. Swiss made. Priced and sold by the dozen.

    $8.10 to $11.30

  • Habilis Rasps

    For the "in-between" jobs- bigger than a needle file but smaller than a standard file. For cutting wood, fiberglass, plastics or soft metals. The comfortable to use, conveniently sized Habilis style is now available in 5 shapes. The built in handle and balanced feel will help you work faster, with better control. Offered individually in the most popular shapes or as a set of all fiveLength of cut is 4" with an overall length of 8.5".

    $12.25 to $73.35

  • Tell Swiss Wax Files

    Excellent for shaping waxes and other materials, such as wood and plastic. Wide tooth style does not clog as easily as conventional files. Overall length 5-1/2" / 14 cm.

    $15.60 to $79.15

  • Vul-Crylic Wax Files

    Double end vulcanite file with open coarse teeth for filing waxes, plastics and other soft materials. One end is coarser than the other.

    $36.40 to $40.05