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    Pneumatic Agitator Cap for Shor AR Refining System

    This cap pneumatically agitates aqua regia solutions and gold for a much more rapid and complete dissolution of the metal.

    Aqua regia refining of some forms of gold can be a challenge. With gold dust, jewelers sweeps and similar materials, the particles tend to sit tightly against each other, making it difficult for the solution to enter and dissolve the metal. With high silver content kart gold (10K, 18K and green gold), the silver content form an insoluble coating of silver chloride that inhibits the AR solution's ability to get through to dissolve the gold under that coating.

    The Pneumatic Agitator Cap solves this problem, stirring the aqua regia by continually injecting air into the solution.

    Cap is available in 110V only.

    SKU: SubZaircap