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    Gold & Platinum Refining

    Shor has refining systems for gold, platinum and silver. Our gold and platinum system, the Simplicity, works without any acids. We strongly recommend the Simplicity refining system over any type of acid refining system. It is far safer, cleaner and easier. However, we carry supplies for acids systems as well. Our Storm Precipitant, for example, works very well in all acid type gold refining systems. It's far less expensive and has a virtually indefinite shelf life. Additionally, should you wish to construct your own acid type refining system, we have instructions for setting up and running.
    • This is a very small, inexpensive vacuum pump, yet it provides a quite respectable 27"Hg vacuum. Requires running water with good pressure from a tap or garden hose to operate.



    • Shows the basic refining process in an easy to understand format. Covers the chemicals, acids and equipment needed to recover gold from workshop waste with actual step by step demonstrations of the refining process for the precious metal wastes; sweeps, karat gold and stripping sediment. Running time: 58 minutes.


      SKU: VideoAR

    • Originally developed by Shor R&D for the refining industry, this pump will take high volumes of acid into its body without any damage whatsoever to the pump.

      Unlike standard vacuum pumps which are easily damaged by water vapor, and which require continual maintenance to prevent even small amounts of water incursion, the ARVT vacuum pump remains completely unaffected by even gallons of water passing through the body of the pump. Maintenance on this pump is very simple: simply pour a quart of mineral oil into the intake of the pump. The pump will suck the oil into its body and the pump it out within a couple of seconds. That's it!

      Other features include:

      • Very high volume.
      • Very low maintenance.
      • Evacuates 1 quart of air every 4 seconds.
      • Develops a minimum of 30 inches mercury vacuum.

      The ARVT pump is pneumatic and requires a minimum 1 hp compressor.


      SKU: ARVT

    • This is a purely electrolytic system, requiring a separate rectifier (available from Shor) and works only with silver that is at least 90% pure before refining (Sterling silver is 92+% pure). Produces standard electrolytic grade silver of 99.95-99.99% purity. Uses a dilute nitric acid for electrolyte, so some ventilation is required. Requires a rectifier of at least 25 amps (not included).

      Features include:

      • Produces electrolytic grade silver (99.95-99.99% pure).
      • Easy to use: requires no experience.
      • Low labor: requires almost no monitoring.
      • Continuously produces pure silver, not a batch operation. Simply put in a new bar of scrap silver as the old one is dissolved into solution. Take out the pure silver any time, without interrupting the refining process.
      • Compact: takes up just 1 cubic foot.
      • Snap on lid: all-plastic construction.
      • Can also be used for refining gold scrap, but only when the gold to be refined is already at least 90% pure before refining.
      • Very inexpensive to purchase and to run.

      Please note: when purchasing this product, you are buying, primarily, knowledge. Because this knowledge cannot be unlearned, this product is not returnable.



    • Note: The SaltSystem is best suited for solid metal. For computer parts and other e-scrap, we recommend the Aqua Regia Gold Refining System.

      To be blunt, if you don't already have one, you either weren't aware of its existence or you've made a costly mistake by not buying one before. It's that simple.

      There is nothing in your shop that you can't refine yourself (though things like polishing sweeps do require some preprocessing).

      100% gold recovery.

      This system includes a very simple-to-use test kit that will detect as little as four parts of gold per million parts of solution, ensuring that no dissolved gold is lost.

      99.95+% purity.

      Even if you have no prior experience refining, the metals yielded by the SaltSystem is always of 99.95% or greater purity.

      Safe + Odorless.

      No acids, harmful fumes, or toxic chemicals. Owed in part to our new Quadratic Precipitant, the SaltSystem refining process is safe to use.

      Easy to use.

      Requires no experience. Comes with both video and written instructions. We provide world-class phone and digital tech support for all of our products (even if you don't buy them from us!)


      Refines any karat of gold (even mixed karats), bench sweeps, polishing sweeps, ultrasonic sludge, and more. Refines platinum too.

      Stones are safe.

      The SaltSystem automatically dismounts stones from jewelry with no damage to stones (even very soft stones) with no extra labor.


      This dual capacity unit can run batches of up to 1 kilo, or 5 ounces. Requires only about 30-45 minutes of labor, and only an hour per ounce to run.



    • GC Salt is an electrolyte. When added to water, in the Simplicity Gold & Platinum Refining System, it dissolves gold. It is formulated with characteristics uniquely suited for the Simplicity Refining System.


      GC Salt is non-toxic and odorless.

      Neutralizes the alkalinity of the cathode-side solution.

      Alkalines corrode ceramics, such as the GC Cell, so it is very important to neutralize them. GC Salt incorporates buffering compounds to neutralize the alkalinity of the cathode side solution.

      Dissolves the 5-6% silver content.

      Alternative chloride-based formulas and compounds dissolve 0% silver content, thereby severely slowing the dissolving of gold. GC Salt however dissolves the 5-6% silver content that is typical of 14 karat gold.

      Avoids making a mess.

      GC Salt incorporates flow agents, allowing it to pour easily without clumping. It also dissolves readily in warm water.


    • The Catalyst is used to start the dissolving process in the Simplicity Refining System. It’s kind of like a starter motor for a car: once the process starts, as long as the electrical current continues, and as long as there is still gold to dissolve, the metal will continue to dissolve. Each small packet is sufficient for 4 refining batches, regardless of the size of the batch.

      Each bag contains 1 teaspoon of catalyst. Available individually or in packs of ten. 1/4 teaspoon is required for one batch.

      $15.99 to $139.99

    • 14K Gold
      Strongly resembles 14K gold.High in deoxidizers. Zero silver content.

      Silver Mine
      White copper based alloy is very close in color to Sterling but has the advantage of being considerably harder. Retains a high polish.

      An excellent metal for small sculptures. Lead free.

      $9.90 to $64.15

    • Add to high silver content gold to reduce the percentage of silver. 5 ounces content.


      SKU: ASR

    • $29.95

      SKU: AnodePouchSimplicity

    • Don’t want to hang rings on a silver wire or solder a wire to your ingot?
      Got little pieces of metal you don’t want to melt into a bar?
      The Nickelodeon is what you need.

      Just insert the Nickelodeon into your Pouch, with its graphite rod extending out the top.  Connect your DC power supply to the top of the rod and drop your rings or other scrap gold into the Pouch.  The rod has a plastic sheath covering its entire length, except the top and the bottom.  The rings will make contact at the bottom and your DC power supply clip will make contact at the top.   It’s that simple.

      For use in the Simplicity Refining System.  Please note:  This accessory is for the Simplicity only!   It will not work with the SaltSystem.



    • This is an effective and non-hazardous precipitant for platinum and palladium in chloride based solutions, such as saltwater and aqua regia. Add 1 ounce for every dissolved ounce of metal. Package contains 1 pound of ammonium chloride.


      SKU: AmChloride

    • Also known as lye or caustic soda. Add water and simmer in a Pyrex or Stainless Steel pot for 1 hour. Removes rouge, shellac, rubber wheels, iron filing and even deoxidizes your bench sweeps. all in one step! Sodium hydroxide is a hazmat item.


      SKU: LYE

    • An environmentally-friendly way to neutralize caustic soda (lye) solutions. Citric acid is a critical component to safely work with caustic solutions.

      $11.99 to $49.99

    • A comprehensive and inexpensive refining kit, including all the consumable chemicals (except muriatic acid, available in your local paint store) needed to refine both gold and platinum.  This kit is commonly used to refine jewelry, black sands, computer scrap, catalytic converters and many other gold and platinum items. 

      This kit includes the most recent chemical innovations of the aqua regia process, a time-tested process dating back over one thousand years.

      The process is simple and straight forward.  The kit includes comprehensive written instructions and detailed video instructions are embedded below.  Additionally, as with all our products, the kit comes with unlimited tech support. 

      Typical purity achieved is 99.95%.  Typical losses are zero.  Even the first time the process is used!

      Supplies included:

      • 1 bottle of Precious Metal Test Liquid (used to test the waste solution to ensure that no dissolved gold is accidentally discarded).  This solution is sensitive down to 4 parts gold per million parts solution.  This bottle is sufficient for several dozen tests. A single bottle is usually enough for a year’s worth of tests.
      • 1 bottle of Ammonia Test Solution (used to test the rinsed pure gold to ensure that no dissolved impurities are left clinging to the gold).  This solution is sensitive down to 4 parts dissolved impurities per million parts solution.  One bottle contains enough solution for dozens of tests, enough that it is usually replaced only once a year.
      • Test Solution Caddy & Spot Plate (a neat way to hold your test solutions, with a handy spot plate for testing).
      • 1 reusable pipette for sampling the solution.
      • 1 pound of Quadratic Precipitant (selectively converts dissolved gold into particles of gold).  Odorless!  Precipitates large, heavy particles of gold, so they are easily rinsed with no worry of accidently decanting gold or losses of gold passing through a filter, a common problem when using alternative precipitants like sodium metabisulfite.  One pound is enough precipitant for one pound of dissolved metal (plastic, ceramic materials, etc. don’t count).
      • 1 pound of Ammonium Chloride (a selective precipitant for platinum).  One pound is sufficient for 1 pound of metal.
      • 1 cup of Urea (used to neutralize free nitrogen ions).  Generally, only a pinch is needed for each refining batch.
      • 1 pound of MX-3 dissolving agent (used with muriatic acid to dissolve your metal).   MX-3 is a dry, crystalline, non-hazardous substitute for nitric acid, when used to create aqua regia.  Just as effective as nitric acid but without the hazard or fumes associated with nitric acid (these fumes are typically reduced by 90-95% when compared with nitric acid aqua regia).
      • Comprehensive written instructions.  See below for video instructions.
      • Kit does not include any beakers, containers or hotplate.  If you are looking for a system that includes all the hardware (beakers, hotplate, magnetic stirrer, basket, filter pouch, scrubber, etc.) you will want the Shor AR3G refining system.




    • Storm Precipitant is used in the Simplicity Refining System. Add 1-1/2 tablespoons of Storm Precipitant for every ounce of dissolved metal, then cover immediately with plastic wrap.

      Advisory: Storm Precipitant is extremely pungent and should only be used with proper ventilation. For a less-pungent alternative, see Quadratic Precipitant.

      $11.99 to $449.95

    • The Precious Metal Detection Liquid is a stannous chloride solution used to determine that no more precious metal is dissolved in aqua regia or saltwater solutions.

      Detect your metals. Intuitively.

      Precious metals are just that: precious. Therefore detecting metals in solutions must be simple so that precious metals aren't left behind.

      • This liquid detects gold, silver and platinum group metals (including platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium) by changing color.
      • Each precious metal makes a unique and vivid color change.
      Precision Is Key
      • Used to test for the presence of dissolved precious metals in chloride solutions.
      • Sensitive down to 4 parts of precious metal per million parts of solution
      • Recommended use on spot plate or mirror for the most sensitive results.
      • Requires only a drop or two of solution to test
      • One bottle is usually sufficient for a hundred or more tests



    • Ammonia Detection Liquid is used to determine that your gold has been thoroughly washed and is very pure by detecting dissolved impurities clinging to refined gold mud.


      • Sensitive to 4 parts dissolved impurities to one million parts solution.
      • Requires only a drop or two to test.
      • Shelf life of about 1 year.
      • One bottle is usually sufficient for over one hundred tests.


      SKU: AmmoniaTestLiquid

    • When refining using the aqua regia method, it is necessary to add urea before the gold is precipitated. Typically, especially with nitric-acid-based aqua regia, there are free nitrogen ions in solution. This can cause some gold to redissolve after it has precipitated. Adding urea neutralizes free nitrogen ions and prevents gold from redissolving.

      This product is chemically pure (99.90%).

      To view complete video instructions now:

      $9.99 to $79.99

    • A dry, powdered, non-hazardous replacement for nitric acid when making aqua regia with muriatic acid.

      Nitric acid is highly corrosive and highly toxic nitric oxide fumes when used in the aqua regia process of refining precious metal. Additionally, it is expensive and difficult to obtain. By using Subzero instead of nitric acid, nitric oxide fumes are completely eliminated. Subzero can be comfortably stored for extended periods of time without deterioration or hazmat concerns. Subzero is a safe and economical replacement for nitric acid when making aqua regia.

      All ingredients in the Subzero are chemically pure.

      To view complete video instructions now:

      $11.99 to $99.95

    • Designed for aqua regia systems. This is a passive system and requires no pumps other other positive or negative air displacement apparatus.This is a passive unit that should be connected by hose to a sealed cylinder or other similar apparatus ( see Shor's beaker stoppers).Charged with treated activated charcoal (available separately).This fumes scrubber will scrub aqua regia fumes from up to 2 liters of aqua regia per run. A charge of treated activated charcoal typically will last for 5-7 refinings.If refining 5 liter aqua regia baths, two scrubbers, hooked in parallel, should be employed.


      SKU: MX3-Scrubber