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    Precious Metal Refining & Recovery

    Shor carries everything you need to refine gold, silver and platinum group metals.

    Our gold and platinum refining system, the Simplicity Refining System works, without acids or other toxic chemicals. This system is suitable for refining jewelry, bars, coins, jeweler's bench sweeps and other similar material. Our electrolytic silver refining system refines sterling (92.5%) silver in just one step- just hang the silver in the system and turn on the rectifier.

    Our Aqua Regia Refining System uses no nitric acid, is completely self-contained, and employs an integral scrubber to clean and neutralize all fumes before they are exhausted. This system uses the revolutionary Quadratic Precipitant and MX3 dry dissolving agent.

    Shor also has all of the chemicals you need for refining, including both chemical compounds and mixtures developed by Shor (such as Quadratic and MX3), complete chemical kits like the Aqua Regia Starter Kit, as well as the more common chemicals such as sodium nitrate and sodium metabisulfite. All at very competitive prices. Comprehensive instructions are available on all of these products, as well as free, no-charge technical support.

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    Refining Precious Metal

    Recovering Precious Metal

    Essentials for Refining and Recovery