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    Refining Filters and Filtration Systems

    • Buchner filter funnels have relatively large holes. When working with powerful vacuum pumps, the pressure can punch holes in even double layered heavy duty filter paper. Filter fabric is used to underlie the filter paper, providing both support and the ability to catch particles of precious metal that pass either through or around the filter paper. Shor filter fabrics are plastic based and hold up well under acids for repeated use and washings. Comes standard in 25 micron size but is also available in several different micron sizes. See below for sizes and prices. Filter fabrics are cut to order and, as such, are not returnable.

      $29.95 to $99.95

    • Allows for hands-free filtering when using a Buchner funnel with a vacuum pump. Can completely eliminate acid fumes during the filtering process. Because different systems require different hose sizes, the plates and gaskets come undrilled and without hose fittings. See below for sizes and prices.

      $350.00 to $967.00

    • These flat bottomed filtration funnels are particularly well suited for rhodium purification and refining applications. When combined with a vacuum pump, Buchner funnels are the fastest, most efficient means of filtering most liquids [for standard filtration, see aspirator vacuum pump, for high volume filtration, see ARVT pump]. Shor Buchner filter funnels have a flat, perforated plate at the base of each funnel that is eminently suited for very rapid filtration (especially when combined with a vacuum pump [see the very inexpensive Shor aspirator vacuum pump below]). Shor Buchner funnels are designed to accept filter paper that is the same diameter as the inside diameter of the funnel. However, we recommend that, when using them to filter precious metals, use a filter paper of one size larger than the funnel's diameter. All Shor Buchner funnels, except the 5" diameter, sit flat on a tabletop.

      $49.95 to $1,495.00

    • Sold in packs of 100.

      $179.95 to $599.95

    • This is a very small, inexpensive vacuum pump, yet it provides a quite respectable 27"Hg vacuum. Requires running water with good pressure from a tap or garden hose to operate.



    • Originally developed by Shor R&D for the refining industry, this pump will take high volumes of acid into its body without any damage whatsoever to the pump.

      Unlike standard vacuum pumps which are easily damaged by water vapor, and which require continual maintenance to prevent even small amounts of water incursion, the ARVT vacuum pump remains completely unaffected by even gallons of water passing through the body of the pump. Maintenance on this pump is very simple: simply pour a quart of mineral oil into the intake of the pump. The pump will suck the oil into its body and the pump it out within a couple of seconds. That's it!

      Other features include:

      • Very high volume.
      • Very low maintenance.
      • Evacuates 1 quart of air every 4 seconds.
      • Develops a minimum of 30 inches mercury vacuum.

      The ARVT pump is pneumatic and requires a minimum 1 hp compressor.


      SKU: ARVT