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    Flexible Shaft Machines & Rheostats

    • A reliable, very economical flex shaft machine. This 1/10th horsepower flex shaft machine includes a carbon resistance rheostat (in metal housing) and a #30 handpiece. Excellent for use cutting jump rings as well as all the myriad of other polishing and cutting operations performed by flex shaft machines. Comes in plastic carrying case.


      SKU: HDP-150.00

    • With 1/4" diameter holes and 2 set screws for use on 1/4" shafts.

      $4.00 to $53.04

    • Power and durability and an excellent price!

      These very powerful, 1/4 hp, American made, flex shaft machines, come with electronic foot pedals and are available with or without a # 30 handpiece.

      $201.49 to $216.42

    • A new multi-purpose 1/8 hp machine, with variable speeds from 0 to 10,000 RPM. For othermotors, see also: Polishing Motors.

      • Can be used as a carver, grinder, sander, polisher, buffer, etc.
      • Includes, 31" long flexible shaft and handpiece which fits comfortably in your hand.
      • The handpiece accepts a large variety of accessories with 1/8" shaft.
      • Supplied with two 3/4" x 3" wheels, one grinding and one polishing.
      • Supplied with 3 collets- 18", 3/32" & 1/16".
      • Measures: 8" W x 4-3/4" D x 6-1/2" H.

      $7.45 to $150.00

    • 5/8" tapered spindle with inside thread, 6" long.

      $15.87 to $23.25

    • How do you cut and carve metal and stone easily and without the handpiece chattering? Easy: use a flex shaft machine that runs at 350,000 rpm - The Shor Turbex does just that.

      If you want to carve in metal, any metal (even steel), the Turbex is perfect. If you want to carve stone, any stone except diamond, the Turbex is ideal. Engraves metal and glass, wood and stone, almost anything. This machine is often used to engrave the windows of cars- for decorative purposes and also to engrave serial numbers on both the glass and metal parts of cars for security and insurance purposes.

      As small as a large pen, the Turbex has such incredible control that it can be held like a pen- it has no chatter! Cuts drills and shapes platinum and gold as easy very little resistance, no heat build up and no chatter. Like cutting butter. This delicate, beautiful egg was carved with the Turbex Drill. Just about anything, even stone, can be carved with the Turbex.

      For carving wood, the Turbex is simply amazing. But you have to be careful not to cut too much- There is absolutely no resistance when carving wood. It's like moving through air.

      Requires compressed air. The Turbex requires the use of 1/16" burs, and will not accept standard burs (standard burs shafts are larger in diameter). For a similar 400,000 rpm rotary power handpieces, see GraverMax

      $6.65 to $515.00

    • The Grobet Flex Shaft Motor is breakthrough technology in a flexible shaft. Economical workhorse, ideal for precision work. Ball-bearing motor runs smoothly, requires no lubrication. 1/10 Horsepower. Available in both 110V and 220V models. Full 1-year warranty.


    • Creates a hammered, textured finish on gold and silver. Unit is lightweight and easy-to-handle. Adjustable stroke control conveniently located on the handpiece. Use handpiece at 90

      $101.00 to $733.95

    • Kit includes a variety of 3/32" shank tools for cleaning, grinding, shaping, drilling, polishing and much more. 12 piece set comes with handy wood bench storage block.

      Each kit includes one each of the following: 1 # 20 red stone abrasive wheel, 2 wheel brushes, 1 end brush, 1 wire wheel brush, 1 bud felt bob, 1 knife edge felt bob, 1 knife edge silicone fine polisher, 1 cone silicone fine polisher, 1 cup bur and 2 twist drill burs.

      $19.95 to $39.95

    • Foredom Flexible Shaft Selection Guide

      SeriesFeaturesHorse PowerSpeedHang-up ModelBench ModelFoot Control OptionsManual Control OptionsBench w/ Speed Control
      TXHHeavy duty industrial1/320,000HTXBSCH, FCHEMHTXM
      SPowerful all-purpose1/818,000SSBFCT,SCTEMSM
      SRReversible, powerful all-purpose1/818,000SRSRBFCT, SCTEMSRM
      RFeedback- Full torque at all speeds1/1020,000RRBFCT, SCTEMR
      KCE approved1/618,000KFCT-2CE
    • The TX, TXM, and TXB, Foredom's most powerful flex shaft, have permanent magnet DC motors featuring the newest technology. These ball bearing motors have advanced rare earth magnets in place of wound fields, that deliver more torque at low speed and throughout the entire speed range than standard universal motors of the same size. Compared to our Series S motors (or discontinued Series H and R motors), the TX offers even more torque or horsepower at every speed. The TX, TXM, and TXB come with standard flexible shafts and sheaths for connecting to any of Foredom's "quick disconnect" handpieces. No other flex shaft machine gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or bur under any load. The TX, TXM and TXB must be used with the controls shown below. These controls are similar in appearance to the others in our line, but they have dedicated, TX-specific electronics for smoother acceleration and extra control of the tool, drill or bur under any load. Not for standard handpieces- 3 handpieces are specifically engineered for these powerful machines: 25H, 30H and 44HT These square drive handpieces & flex shaft machines connect only with each other.


      $322.40 to $410.80

    • High torque, low speed (5,000 rpm). DC motor with built-in rectifier that eliminates the need for reduction gears to achieve high torque and power at low speeds. Provides better control and "feel" of burs, drills and cutters at low speed. Totally enclosed, permanent magnet, motor is almost noiseless and is unaffected by dust or dirt. Comes with special neoprene sheath over flexible drive shaft that is more pliable, making it easier to control


      $285.00 to $384.80

    • Powerful, 1/6-hp ball bearing motors operate at 18,000 rpm. This is ideal for most industrial and woodcarving applications. The SR models have reversible speed, a very useful feature when carving symmetrical designs and other special texturing designs and for keeping wood dust away from workpiece.


      $270.00 to $316.16

    • FCT Style Speed Control
      Foot operated rheostat. Solid state in low profile, heavy duty plastic housing. Provides smooth control over the entire speed range. UL & CSA listed.

      SCT Style Speed Control
      Foot operated rheostat. Solid state in cast iron housing. Provides smooth control over the entire speed range. CSA listed.

      EMStyle Speed Control
      Solid state manual control in plastic housing. Provides smooth control over the entire speed range.


      $38.48 to $91.52

    • The PowerGraver Kit provides a power assist to stone setting and engraving operations. It's PG motor is designed for high torque/low speed applications and features a totally enclosed housing with permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet, trouble-free performance. The 9D handpieces works and feels like a hand engraving tool with the added advantages of greater control and the ability to adjust the impact force. The unit comes equipped with a special, extra flexible neoprene sheath and a 6 foot long power cord.

      The PowerGraver is ideal for bead, prong, channel, hammer and bezel setting as well as decorative and engraving work. Kit includes a 32 minute instructional video with a set of accessories and maintenance items below.

      Includes Series PG Motor, flexible shaft and sheath. Foot switch and rheostat sold separately below.


    • Fits on the Foredom PowerGraver. Adjusting ring changes impact force and palm rest provides comfort and "feel" of a hand engraving tool. Comes with 3 interchangeable collets (1/16", 3/32", 1/8".


      SKU: H.9D

    • For Foredom PowerGraver.

      $6.24 to $39.52