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    Foredom Series TXH Heavy Duty Flexible Shaft Machines

    The TX, TXM, and TXB, Foredom's most powerful flex shaft, have permanent magnet DC motors featuring the newest technology. These ball bearing motors have advanced rare earth magnets in place of wound fields, that deliver more torque at low speed and throughout the entire speed range than standard universal motors of the same size. Compared to our Series S motors (or discontinued Series H and R motors), the TX offers even more torque or horsepower at every speed. The TX, TXM, and TXB come with standard flexible shafts and sheaths for connecting to any of Foredom's "quick disconnect" handpieces. No other flex shaft machine gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or bur under any load. The TX, TXM and TXB must be used with the controls shown below. These controls are similar in appearance to the others in our line, but they have dedicated, TX-specific electronics for smoother acceleration and extra control of the tool, drill or bur under any load. Not for standard handpieces- 3 handpieces are specifically engineered for these powerful machines: 25H, 30H and 44HT These square drive handpieces & flex shaft machines connect only with each other.

    $322.40 to $410.80

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