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Foredom BL Motor Spindles

Foredom BL Motor Spindles

With 1/4" diameter holes and 2 set screws for use on 1/4" shafts.

From $4.00

A-TM4Tapered Spindle Right Hand$12.13
A-TM3Tapered Spindle Left Hand$12.81
A-JCA-1Chuck Arbor with Key opens to 5/32"$52.07
A-WM-6Wheel Mandrel Right Hand$20.76
A-WM-5Wheel Mandrel Left Hand$21.09
A-CHA-1Collet Holder 3/32"$21.00
A-CHA-4Collet Holder 1/2"$48.16
17.01220Replacement Grinding Wheel$4.00
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