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Foredom PowerGraver

Foredom PowerGraver

The PowerGraver Kit provides a power assist to stone setting and engraving operations. It's PG motor is designed for high torque/low speed applications and features a totally enclosed housing with permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet, trouble-free performance. The 9D handpieces works and feels like a hand engraving tool with the added advantages of greater control and the ability to adjust the impact force. The unit comes equipped with a special, extra flexible neoprene sheath and a 6 foot long power cord.

The PowerGraver is ideal for bead, prong, channel, hammer and bezel setting as well as decorative and engraving work. Kit includes a 32 minute instructional video with a set of accessories and maintenance items below.

Includes Series PG Motor, flexible shaft and sheath. Foot switch and rheostat sold separately below.


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