GravoStyle Engraving Software for New Hermes IS400 Electronic Engraving Machines

Software versatile enough to meet your every engraving need.

Developed for Windows operating systems, GravoStyle'98 is the ultimate in versatility. Whether it's simple personalized engraving, institutional or industrial signs, or virtually any type of application...whether you need to do simple lettering, or a complex 3-dimensional's all accomplished with GravoStyle'98. Surprisingly easy to use for an engraving program that will do so much, GravoStyle'98 uses engravers language and symbols that literally take you through the engraving process step-by-step. It's also fast and precise. Machine movements are optimized for high productivity and its unique visually interactive module allows you to see on the screen exactly what you're engraving. No guess work here. GravoStyle'98 is broken down into four program levels:  Discovery,  Industry, Graphic and Dynamic. This allows the engraver to go from the simplest of engraving to the most complex in a matter of seconds, and assures there is a program tailored to every need.  
Each level can be customized to meet the specific needs of your can add on to your capabilities as your business grows! 
With GravoStyle'98 you can import files, cut and paste text and graphics files from other Windows programs, making it easy to reproduce the most precise logos and graphics. GravoStyle'98 has all the power to drive everything from laser engravers to laser routers to large router tables and 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional CNC milling machines. 

Versatility. Ease of use. Ability to expand. Power. It all adds up to one thing - more productivity. 

  Which means more profit. And as with all our products, there's a New Hermes team member standing behind everything we sell. So there's peace of mind in knowing that what starts out right will stay right. For more than 60 years our name has been on the finest engraving products ever made. Now it's on GravoStyle'98


GravoStyle'98 DISCOVERY Software-    More than just the basics. 

As the basic level of GravoStyle'98, Discovery is the standard engraving software designed to meet everyday engraving needs, whether for beginner or advanced user. Ease of use is key here, even when engraving precise text Discovery includes a high-quality engravers font library with auto-kerning capabilities for all core materials including single line fonts, double line fonts for jewelry and plaques and multi-line fonts for engraving signs and templates. Plus, Windows compatible True Type Fonts can be used. Logos and other graphics can be easily imported and now you can be assured of being able to match virtually any lettering style required or import files such as TIFF, DFX, HPGL and EPS images, enabling the user to perform exquisite renderings with ease and quickness never realized. 


GravoStyle'98 INDUSTRY Software-  A leap in productivity and design.

Adding to the capabilities of Discovery, the Industry program allows the capabilities and needs of the professional engraver to be met with superior speed and quality. Versatile for applications from sign shop to industrial engraver, GravoStyle's visually interactive module allows the engraver to see on the screen exactly what is being engraved. It also allows for a listing of names (directly entered or imported), serial numbering and a matrix function to optimize the results obtained form your engraving table. You can create your own designs or import from CAD to simply integrate logos into a design. Complemented by the "dials" option, GravoStyle'98 Industry becomes the most perfectly adapted software for the marking and engraving needs in an industrial environment.  Opens the door to graphic creations.


GravoStyle'98 GRAPHIC Software- 
Opens the door to graphic creations.

Full scanning and graphic editing capabilities are now available through GravoStyle'98 Graphic. A scanned image is processed and vectored by Graphic, allowing it to be processed in engraving, and can be transformed into 2-dimensional, hollow or relief images. Graphic calculates  the best tool paths from your instructions - machining depth, filling mode (by hatch or island mode) and the geometry of the cutter. Now everything you will ever need to add that "graphic" touch is available at your command with GravoStyle'98 Graphic.


GravoStyle'98 DYNAMIC Software
See your engraving in a new dimension.

The ultimate in engraving software.  Now full 3-dimensional capabilities are at your fingertips.  Dynamic manages the dimensional aspect of engraving to allow variable depth engraving, with clear and concise contours and angles.
From the tool path, the program takes into account the management of merging contours and creates well defined angles at the base and the tips of the letters. All of these are necessary elements to ensure the quality of embossing tools, or hot stamp dies, or any other object to be engraved in profile where detail is a necessity.  Precision and finesse are ingrained in Dynamic.

Now a new dimension of engraving is really in your capacity and matched only by the level of your imagination.  


Please consult your GravoStyle'98 representative who will assist you in selecting the GravoStyle'98 level that will meet your every engraving need.


Standard Features and Functionality

Plate Composition

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Automatic composition mode   +  +  +  +
Automatic vertical text  +  +  +  +
Basic font set  +  +  +  +
Diagonal text  +  +  +  +
Dials / scales Not Available Optional Optional  +
Long plate Optional  +  +  +
Manual composition mode  +  +  +  +
Matrix/list of names & serial numbers  +  +  +  +
Spell checker  +  +  +  +
Text in arc  +  +  +  +
Text on a curve    +  +  +
Vertical text  +  +  +  +

Plate Composition

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Define drilling points  +  +  +  +
Elementary shapes  +  +  +  +
Right-to-left text entry  +  +  +  +
Tools for moving/resizing  +  +  +  +
Aligning objects with each other Not Available  +  +  +
Conversion into circles  Not Available  +  +  +
Conversions into curves Not Available  +  +  +
Duplication tools Not Available  +  +  +
Fusion, addition, subtraction, offset Not Available  +  +  +
Segmentation functions Not Available  +  +  +
Shading Not Available  +  +  +
Splitting contours Not Available  +  +  +
Scanning only Optional Optional  +  +
Vectorization only Optional Optional  +  +

Help Functions

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Guideline grid  +  +  +  +
Help for tool choice  +  +  +  +
Layer / color  +  +  +  +
Wysiwyre  +  +  +  +
Cost estimate Not Available  +  +  +
Spell checker  +  +  +  +
Group/ungroup Not Available  +  +  +
Measurements Not Available  +  +  +
Upper / lower case Not Available  +  +  +
Toggle characters Not Available  +  +  +

Import / Export

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Drivers for GII and NHI tables and lasers  +  +  +  +
Export DFX (2D), HPGL (2D), EPS  +  +  +  +
Export DXF (3D), HPGL (3D) +
Export IGES, ISO (2D)  +  +  +
Export IGES, ISO (3D) +
Import HPGL, BMP, TIFF, EPS, DXF, IGES, ISO  +  +  +  +

Correction / Tool Path

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Filling and 2D tool management Option Option + +
Advanced tool management (CAM module) Not Available Not Available + +
3rd axis management (CAM with true 3D capabilities) Not Available Not Available Not Available +

Options-  Specialty Tools

Software Level Discovery Industry Graphic Dynamic
Bar codes Optional Optional Optional Optional
Braille level 2 Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dials / scales Not Available Optional Optional Optional
Drivers for other engraving machines Optional Optional Optional Optional
Engraving font for general applications Optional Optional Optional Optional
Engraving font for retailer applications Optional Optional Optional Optional
Engraving font for industrial applications Optional Optional Optional Optional
Filling and 2D tool management Optional Optional Standard Standard
IGES projection Not Available Not Available Not Available Optional
ISO drivers Not Available Not Available Not Available Optional
Long plate Optional Standard Standard Standard
PhotoStyle, bitmap editing, scanning Optional Optional Optional Optional
Scanning and vectorization Optional Optional Standard Standard
Styl'Art Not Available Not Available Not Available Optional


Recommended Minimum Computer Configurations

Software Level Discovery Industry / Graphic Dynamic
Type Pentium 200 Pentium II, 266 Pentium II, 333
memory DRAM 32 MB 64 MB 128 MB
Internal hard disk 40 MB
Windows 95, 98 or NT
CD-ROM x12 x24
Mouse Windows compatible
Keyboard Extended 105 keys
Parallel port 1 2
Serial port 1 2
Graphic card 256 colors 32,000 colors
Screen 15"    800 x 600 19"   1024 x 768
Other peripherals Disk drive 3.5 Printer, scanner (twain), sound card
Engraving machine All equipment accepting HPGL format 2D or 3D New Hermes 2 D or 3D New Hermes or VMC