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    Engraving Supplies

    • Base pads only.

      $63.70 to $155.00

    • Used to attach objects to work holders. In bar form, but melts easily. Objects can be cleaned in alcohol. Two 1/2 lb bars per box.


      SKU: 12.203

    • When melted, can be dabbed or brushed onto surface so that a pencil mark will leave an impression.


      SKU: 26.160

    • Slow drying varnish for etching resistance in larger areas. 1 pint. This is a Hazmat item.


      SKU: 26.600

    • Easily applied after melting. Removes by dipping plating item in hot water. 1 ounce stick in tube.


      SKU: 26.100

    • Engraves the inside of rings. Automatically centers ring in clamping jugs. Engraving and spacing is synchronized and easy. The diamond insert produces a hand engraved effect. Single dial produces block letters with heights of 1 mm & 2 mm. Holds rings from sizes 19mm to 30 mm.Comes with letter dial, diamond engraving tip and 5 brass sample rings.

      Shipping weight 15 lbs.

      $2.15 to $825.00

    • Package of 12. Measures 2-7/8 x 9/16"


      SKU: 36.01556

    • Holds small odd shaped articles for engraving and other work. Round, 2" diameter jaws open and close on twin guides by means of threaded thumb screw. 4 pegs supplied can be positioned in any of the many holes on top of jaws. Wood handle detaches so that head may also be mounted in vise. Overall length is 5-5/16"


      SKU: 26.500

    • 4 pins


      SKU: 26.501

    • With carbide tips. Ends are reversible so that point is covered while carrying.


      SKU: 52.950

    • Can be used on hardest metals, glass, jewels, etc. Slim line design is comfortable to use. Hexagonal aluminum handle prevents rolling on bench. Length is 5-1/4".


      SKU: 52.952

    • Can be used on hardest jewels, metals, etc. Hexagonal aluminum handle prevents rolling on bench. Length is 5-1/4".


      SKU: 52.954