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    Graver Sharpeners, Turning Gravers, and Electric Gravers

    Turning Graver Sets

    • For turning or pivoting items on small lathes. Set of ten different shapes made of tools steel with finished ground point


      SKU: 36.800

    • For turning or pivoting items on small lathes. Set of six graduated sizes made of tools steel with finished ground points. No handles.


      SKU: 36.804

    • Graver Sharpeners

    • Graver is placed in either of two angled openings and rolled over flat oilstone to sharpen.


      SKU: 36.884

    • Graver can be set to any angle by setting index. Hold graver edge in position while honing on oilstone


      SKU: 36.880

    • Special feature of this sharpener is the elongated shields that hold the graver in an immovable position during the sharpening action. Gravers can be sharpened at any angle. Screw on top locks graver and also serves as a finger rest.


      SKU: 64.2462

    • GRS Power Hone

    • The GRS Diamond Power Hone grinds tools and gravers quickly, without heat. You get an advanced tool edge that enhances finished work. The Power Hone allows for cleaner scrolls, brighter cuts, more precise beads, finer shading and better details.The diamond wheel sharpens both steel and carbide tools and will make them last longer too. Power Hone does not come standard with sharpening fixture shown in the picture below. Reversible.

      $32.30 to $609.00

    • Change wheels in 2 seconds. Replaces the standard wheel knob. To change wheels, you just lift them on and off...even when it's running.


      SKU: G01-838