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    Wizard Plating Pens

    The best plating pens available. The Wizard plating pens come in both rechargeable and disposable versions. The disposable version lasts for 1 full hour of continuous plating (typically, that's dozens of rings). It has a 6 volt output. The rechargeable version can be recharged 250 times. It has an 8 volt adjustable output.So, which one is right for you?If you need the pen for an occasional repair or touch-up, the the disposable pen is the one you want. It's simple to use an inexpensive to purchase. The tips can be easily replaced if they become dirty or if want to change the precious metal solution that you are plating. Perfect for touch-ups and repairs!However, if you need excellent voltage control (recommended for rhodium plating) or you do a lot of pen plating work, then the rechargeable model, the Wizard Pro, is the perfect pen for you. The voltage is adjustable from 3-8 volts in .1 increments for precision plating. The LCD display shows both power levels and voltage. The pen works while being charged and you can detach and plate wire-free for mobility. And, of course, the tips can be easily replaced,. This is a very, very sophisticated plating, yet simple to use.Plating solutions sold separately.
    SKU: WizardX

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