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Wizard Pen Plater

Wizard Pen Plater

Introducing the most innovative pen plater on the market: The Wizard® Pro LCD Pen Plater

Rechargeable LCD plating pen with adjustable voltage from 3-8 volts, in 0.1 increments. Get the perfect setting for the metal you are plating.

Features include:

  • Ergonomically designed with a sleek stainless body
  • 8 Volt self-contained rechargeable pen plater
  • Voltage adjustable from 3-8 volts in .1 increments for precision plating
  • LCD display shows power level and voltage
  • Rechargeable 250 times
  • Pen works while being charged and you can detach and plate wire-free for mobility
  • No wires or plugs to get in the way once you are cordless and charged
  • Tips can be easily replaced
  • No rectifier needed, comes with a charger and a storage case
  • Great for touch ups and portable repair work


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