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    30 Amp Rectifier

    This powerful 30 amp rectifier will electro-strip (can strip 1-12 men's rings at a time), electro-plate, electro-clean, electro-form and refine to the highest quality standards. Great for high production. Very heavy duty steel body with precise voltage and amperage meters. Available in 2 models- The standard 30 amp rectifier and a 30 amp with auxiliary pen plater. The unit with the pen plater can be used for pen plating as well as conventional plating because it features pen outlets and separate controls for the pen. The user can save work space and be assured of adequate power for either application. Work and anode leads included. Output DC 0-15 volts and CD 0-30 amps. UL approved to meet or exceed all safety requirements.
    $349.95 to $495.95