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Plating Accessories

Plating Accessories

Pyrex Beaker 1 liter.  Suitable for heating liquids.

From $9.10

45.640Pyrex Beaker, 600 ml6$119.70
45.642Stainless Steel Beaker, 600 ml1$84.00
45.644Cover for 600 ml Beaker1$9.10
45.641Pyrex Beaker, 1000 ml 1$42.00
45.643Stainless Steel Beaker, 1200 ml1$149.80
45.645Cover for 1000 ml Beaker1$10.00
45.696Immersion Thermometer, 0-230 1/2 F1$65.00
ARbeakerBorosilicate Glass Beaker 2000 ml1$39.95
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