How much is it really costing you to refine gold?

We get feedback from all over North America. We were quite surprised to find that the answers we got to this question were very consistent. For those who did their own assay on their bench sweeps and carefully calculated their costs, both up-front and hidden, the answer was always the same: It cost $800 to have 10 ounces of gold refined. Yet most people who send their gold in to be refined believe that their costs are only $40-$75 for 10 ounces!

On polishing sweeps, the differences between perceived and actual return are even more dramatic. Most shops believe that they receive a return of 90-95% of their gold on polishing sweeps. They receive about $500-$1,00 per 5 gallon bucket of polishing sweeps (about 10 lbs of sweeps). When these same shops began refining their polishing sweeps themselves, their return was typically 1 ounce of fine gold per pound of sweeps (about $9,000  $10,000per 5 gallon pail): 10 times what they were getting back from their refining company!

You can refine your gold yourself, safely, easily and independently, in theSimplicity Gold Refining System, for about $1-$2 per ounce of scrap. Materials like polishing sweeps require some additional preprocessing but no additional equipment.

Here's How it works:

Scrap gold is composed of several metals; gold, copper, zinc etc. Using a battery charger or rectifier and the Simplicity, your scrap gold is stripped (dissolved) into a special salt-water bath. A special ceramic cell, which acts as a molecular sieve, prevents the metal from plating out of the water. To the water is added a powder which turns the gold, but not the other metals back into solid form. While the pure gold drops to the bottom as small particles, the other metals remain dissolved. The water is then poured off and the fine gold particles are rinsed, dried and melted. The result is gold of 99.95
% purity
with losses of metal left dissolved in the waste water of less than .01 dwt. If desired, the other metals can be removed from the water by the addition of aluminum foil.



Simplicity Refiner: U.S. $595

Summary of Operating Costs: $1-$2 per ounce of scrap metal to be refined

Details of Operating Costs (Consumables)

GC Salt 5 lbs $19.99
GC Salt 50 lbs $159.95
OdorFree Precipitant 1 lb $19.99
OdorFree Precipitant 10 lbs $139.99
Catalyst package $15.99
Catalyst 10 pack $139.95

Use of Consumables:

Catalyst: Used to start the dissolving process. 1 package is enough for 4 batches of any size.

Precipitant: Used to turn the pure gold back into solid after dissolved. 1 lb. will handle 1 lb. scrap.

GC Salt: When DC current is applied to the scrap gold, it dissolves into a mixture of GC Salt and water. When refining small batches, 10 lbs of GC Salt is sufficient to refine 6 batches of 5 ounces each (total 900 grams). When refining large batches, 10 lbs. of GC Salt is sufficient to refine 2 batches of 1,000 grams each. GC Salt is supplied in 5 lb bags and 50 lb pails.

Shipping Costs: $20 in the contiguous U.S.  Shipping to other countries will vary. Ask for quote.