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    Plating Equipment & Accessories

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    • This powerful 30 amp rectifier will electro-strip (can strip 1-12 men's rings at a time), electro-plate, electro-clean, electro-form and refine to the highest quality standards. Great for high production. Very heavy duty steel body with precise voltage and amperage meters. Available in 2 models- The standard 30 amp rectifier and a 30 amp with auxiliary pen plater. The unit with the pen plater can be used for pen plating as well as conventional plating because it features pen outlets and separate controls for the pen. The user can save work space and be assured of adequate power for either application. Work and anode leads included. Output DC 0-15 volts and CD 0-30 amps. UL approved to meet or exceed all safety requirements.

      $349.95 to $475.95

    • Better than unit that comes with pen plater. Has platinum core. Fits all pen platers. Can also be used with rectifiers. Very durable, long lasting, and preferred by professionals.


      SKU: PEN-822.00

    • Runs plating baths up to 20 gallon (except rhodium, which is less). Also suitable for stripping and refining. Maximum 12V DC output. 110V AC input.


      SKU: DPS-5012M

    • Supplied with 1 pen and 3 containers. Multiple pens are necessary to prevent cross contamination when working with several different solutions. Plating solutions sold separately

      • Compact Design

      • Stable Voltage Output

      • Precise Voltage Regulator

      • Automatic Current Limitation

      • Dual Voltage: 115v & 220v

      System includes:

      • 1 plating pen, color coded- white, gold and red.

      • 3 plating jars

      • 4 felt tips-  2 bullet and 2 extra fine tips


      SKU: 272.00N

    • Sold in packs of 10.


    • Digital Plating Pen System Replacement Black Lead w/Clip


      SKU: 45.407

    • Compact, easy to use, self contained, self adjusting, affordable, made in the USA. Comes with the rechargeable, digital Wizard Pro Pen. Needs no rectifier. Can be used for gold or rhodium. Plating solutions come with the kits and plating solutions are also available separately.

      Plating solutions sold separately.

      The following kits are available:

      • Wizard Pen Only
        Includes 1 pen.

      • Wizard Kit #3
        Includes 1 one ounce gold solution (in your specified color) and 1 pen.

      • Wizard Kit #4
        Includes 1 pen and 1 one ounce each gold solutions: 14K, 18K, and 24K.

      $129.95 to $349.95

    • Easily applied after melting. Removes by dipping plating item in hot water. 1 ounce stick in tube.


      SKU: 26.100

    • A high grade clear lacquer that can be brushed on articles to provide a tough, smooth, even surface to protect them from tarnish and to eliminate metal deposits from plating solutions. 1 pint bottle. This item is flammable and requires hazmat packaging.


      SKU: 45.650

    • Anodes

    • Shor Lok-Blok Metal Mold Making Systemmakes metal molds that are the same dimensions as standard rubber molds. The process is simple (though somewhat time consuming) and requires no skills.

      Why use metal molds? Metal molds give a sharpness of detail that is absolutely impossible to achieve with rubber molds (even when the rubber molds are injected by a vacuum wax injector). In addition, if you are thinking of upgrading to plastic injection, only metal molds can be used. Metal molds are most commonly used for detailed charms, class rings, and wherever razor sharp detail and consistent weight are desirable. Mold to the right is an example of a multi-piece metal mold made over 50 years ago with an old fashioned cylindrical mold frame. Although used for many years, this mold is still as perfect as it was when it was first made.

      The following items are required to make metal molds.
      The heart of the system (other than the instructions, is the Lok-Blok Mold Frame. This frame can also be used for making excellent rubber molds with no packing. Please note that you may already have many of these items or may wish to purchase some of them (like the lacquer and remover) locally.

      Instructions for making multi-piece metal molds are only available with Lok-Blok set.

      $7.20 to $29.95

    • $6.65 to $265.00

    • $7.60 to $125.00

    12 Item(s)

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