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    Lindstrom Brand Jeweler's Pliers

    Lindstrom pliers are world renowned, known by jewelers and craftsmen for consistently high quality. Made in Sweden.
    • The most advanced diagonal cutting nipper available, unsurpassed in cutting capacity. Manufactured with screw-type precision lap joint for optimum strength, exact movement and maximum accessibility. Dual spring-loaded handles and oval jaw design.

      $62.60 to $67.95

    • High quality, extremely precise and accurate pliers. Specially forged box joint with extra long contact surfaces. Joint moves smoothly for extra precision even at the tip. Box joint also for smaller overall dimensions, improving accessibility in confined areas. With dual spring-loaded handles and comfortable cushion grips, marked with information on pliers' capacity.

      $55.55 to $74.00

    • With longer 5-1/2" ergonomic 2-toned handles. Each has a removable adjustable spring. The angle of weight is such that when used, the cutters require less pressure than standard cutters. These are undeniably the ultimate professional series pliers.

      $67.95 to $84.65

    • We now offer four of the most popular pliers in a handy zippered pouch. Set includes 1 each: PLR- 7490 Flat, PLR- 7590 Round, PLR- 7893 Chain, PLR- 8141 Cutter


      SKU: PLR-7000

    • We now offer four of the most popular RX pliers in a handy zippered pouch. Set includes 1 each: PLR- 7490RX Flat, PLR- 7590RX Round, PLR- 7893RX Chain, PLR- 8141RX Cutter


      SKU: PLR-7000RX