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Lindstrom Supreme Series Box Joint Pliers & Nippers (White Handles)

Lindstrom Supreme Series Box Joint Pliers & Nippers (White Handles)

High quality, extremely precise and accurate pliers. Specially forged box joint with extra long contact surfaces. Joint moves smoothly for extra precision even at the tip. Box joint also for smaller overall dimensions, improving accessibility in confined areas. With dual spring-loaded handles and comfortable cushion grips, marked with information on pliers' capacity.

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Lindstrom Number
Plier Length
Jaw Length
PLR-71907190109 mm9 mmSide Cutter$66.15
PLR-72917291108 mm15 mmOblique End Flush Cut$74.00
PLR-74907490120 mm20 mmFlat Nose$55.55
PLR-75907590120 mm20 mmRound Nose$57.30
PLR-78907890132 mm32 mmLong Nose Chain$60.90
PLR-78927892129 mm29 mmCurved Nose Chain$64.40
PLR-78937893120 mm20 mmChain Nose$59.10
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