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Ultra Ergonomic RX Handles Pliers

Ultra Ergonomic RX Handles Pliers

With longer 5-1/2" ergonomic 2-toned handles. Each has a removable adjustable spring. The angle of weight is such that when used, the cutters require less pressure than standard cutters. These are undeniably the ultimate professional series pliers.

From $67.95

Lindstrom Number
Plier Length
Jaw Length
PLR-7490RXRX7490120 mm20 mmFlat Nose$67.95
PLR-7590RXRX7590120 mm20 mmRound Nose$73.20
PLR-7890RXRX7890132 mm32 mmLong Nose Chain$78.49
PLR-7892RXRX7892129 mm29 mmCurved Nose Chain$78.55
PLR-7893RXRX7893120 mm20 mmChain Nose$73.20
PLR-8140RXRX8140110 mm10.0 mmMicro-Bevel$77.50
PLR-8141RXRX8141110 mm10.0 mmFlush Cut$79.30
PLR-8150RXRX8150112 mm12.5 mmMicro-Bevel$81.05
PLR-8160RXRX8160125 mm16.0 mmMicro-Bevel$84.65
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