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Lindstrom 80 Series Nippers (Yellow Handles)

Lindstrom 80 Series Nippers (Yellow Handles)

The most advanced diagonal cutting nipper available, unsurpassed in cutting capacity. Manufactured with screw-type precision lap joint for optimum strength, exact movement and maximum accessibility. Dual spring-loaded handles and oval jaw design.

From $62.60

Lindstrom Number
Plier Length
Jaw Length
PLR-81408140110 mm10.0 mmMicro-Bevel$62.60
PLR-81418141110 mm10.0 mmFlush Cut$66.15
PLR-81508150112 mm12.5 mmMicro-Bevel$67.95
PLR-81608160125 mm16.0 mmMicro-Bevel$67.95
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