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High Speed Chip Breaker Files

High Speed Chip Breaker Files

Features 2 sets of chipbreakers, forming a diamond pattern. The High Speed chipbreaker reduces chip clogging and generates a smooth finish. The coarse teeth remove metal quickly. This file can also be used on cast iron, bronze, brass and plastics. Diamond pattern cut top and bottom, both edges are single cut. Made in USA.These files are Bastard Cut (00).

Preferred for many industrial applications, these files are value priced. Look for other American Pattern files, such as the half-round, on the half-round file page.

From $91.20

32.3458" x 25/32" x 7/32"12$140.40
32.34610" x 31/32" x 1/2"6$91.20
32.34712" x 1-5/32" x 9/32"6$119.70
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