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Aluminum, Type A, Flat Files

Aluminum, Type A, Flat Files

The Aluminum Flat file is effective in eliminating clogging due to its special tooth construction. It was developed for use on soft material, such as aluminum. Tapers in thickness and alt. Double cut bottom and top but single cut on sides. US made.These files are Bastard Cut (00).

Preferred for many industrial applications, these files are value priced. Look for other American Pattern files, such as the half-round, on the half-round file page. The 6" and 8" files are sold (and priced) as packs of 12.   The 10 and 12" files are sold (and priced) as packs of 6.

From $77.70

32.2606" x 5/8" x 5/32"12$99.60
32.2618" x 25/32" x 7/32"12$123.00
32.26210" x 31/32" x 1/2"6$77.70
32.26312" x 1-5/32" x 9/32"6$132.30
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