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Crimp Beads

Metal crimp beads and tube crimps used for attaching Micro Cable, Soft Flex Wire and translucent cord.Use with a Bead Crimping Plier for a great finished look. For smaller crimps, you'll need our Micro Crimper. Available in plated or sterling silver. Base metal crimp beads are packaged in sets of 144, sterling silver crimp beads are packaged in sets of 100, and Gold/brass and silver 2.5mm diameter beads are packaged in 1oz. bags.

From $6.75

BDS-100.051 oz. bagGold (Brass)2.5 mm diameterCrimp Bead$13.95
BDS-100.061 oz. bagSilver2.5 mm diameterCrimp Bead$13.95
BDS-102.05package of 144Gold (Base Metal)2 mm diamterCrimp Bead$7.95
BDS-102.06package of 144Silver (Base Metal)2 mm diamterCrimp Bead$7.95
BDS-104.05package of 144Gold (Base Metal)3 mm diameterCrimp Bead$11.95
BDS-104.06package of 144Silver (Base Metal)3 mm diameterCrimp Bead$11.95
BDS-110.05package of 100Gold Filled2 mm x 2 mmTube Crimp$19.95
BDS-115.06package of 100Sterling Silver1 mm x 0.97 mmMini Tube Crimp$6.75
BDS-117.06package of 100Sterling Silver1mm x 1.30 mmMini Tube Crimp$7.95
BDS-112.06package of 100Sterling Silver1.5 mm x 2 mmTube Crimp$9.95
BDS-110.06package of 100Sterling Silver2 mm x 2 mmTube Crimp$11.95
BDS-118.06package of 100Sterling Silver3 mm x 3 mmTube Crimp$38.94
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