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Seamed Beads or Crimp Covers

Seamed Beads or Crimp Covers

Seamed Beads can be used as beads or to cover round or tube crimps. Simply open the closed bead with a beading awl. Place over the crimp and gently squeeze closed with the Mighty Crimper. Available in 3 or 4 mm, plated or sterling silver.

From $18.95

Item Description
BDS-243.053 mm - gold platedPackage of 1,000$29.95
BDS-244.054 mm - gold platedPackage of 1,000$46.95
BDS-243.063 mm - silver platedPackage of 1,000$20.95
BDS-244.064 mm - silver platedPackage of 1,000$37.95
BDS-243.163 mm - sterling silverPackage of 100$18.95
BDS-244.164 mm - sterling silverPackage of 100$38.95
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