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Micro Cable Bead Wire

Micro Cable Bead Wire

Unbreakable stainless steel, nylon coated wire with 7 strands for superior strength (.012 has three strands). Super tough cord that will not be cut by rough edges. Available in 30 foot spools or economical 100 foot spools.

From $2.95

Spool Size
BDC-710.12.012, Fine100 ft. Spool$5.95
BDC-703.18.018, Medium30 ft. Spool$2.95
BDC-710.18.018, Medium100 ft. Spool$7.95
BDC-703.22.022, Heavy30 ft. Spool$3.95
BDC-710.22.022, Heavy100 ft. Spool$7.95
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