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Crimp Covers

Crimp Covers

Crimp covers are pre-opened beads designed to conceal a round or tube crimp, giving your piece a finished look. Use the outer jaw of the Mighty Crimpers to easily close the cover over a crimp. The crimp cover resembles a round bead when closed. Available in 3 mm (for 2 x 2 mm crimps or smaller) and 4 mm (for 3 x 2 mm crimps or smaller), plated or sterling silver.

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Item Description
BDS-233.053 mm - gold platedpackage of 144$4.95
BDS-234.054 mm - gold platedpackage of 144$7.45
BDS-233.063 mm- silver platedpackage of 144$7.45
BDS-234.064 mm silver platedpackage of 144$7.45
BDS-233.163 mm- sterling silverpackage of 100$19.95
BDS-234.164 mm - sterling silverpackage of 100$41.95
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