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    The Matt Line

    • Matt Mini Lathe
      A versatile hand held lathe, powered by your flex shaft, designed to turn rods of carving wax. Now includes precision gauge for measuring exact dimensions and thickness of work. You can easily produce bands, bezels, settings, coin holders, chess pieces, etc. Complete with 2 extra cutting tool blanks, wax rods, 3 piece blade set, 3 collets to hold wax, & sample wax wax instruction book. The blades enable you to shape a ring band into many designs.The 6 different ends give you a cut-off tool, a channel cutter, a half-round band hollower, a frame shaper and a cup former. Blades of .025" thick, 1/3" wide and 4" long and can be beveled to increase the number of designs possible. Handpiece and cable not included.

      All wax rod sets contain 4pcs.

      $6.70 to $310.00

    • Enables you to precisely file shapes and flat or curved surfaces, at different angles. Powered by a flexible shaft and designed to simplify this critical procedure while improving uniformity. Also ideal for creating channels. (Comes complete with rotary file), ring template, 3 different color waxes and instructions. Handpiece and cable not included


      SKU: 21.02880

    • Designed for precision filing of large pieces. Made of cast aluminum with a steel support bracket, powered by a flex shaft. The wide table provides ideal support when cutting large pieces such as bracelets and is adjustable to allow cutting at different angles. The removable fence regulates the depth of cut ensuring a smooth, precise and safe operation. Includes bracelet template, rotary file (# 21-02885), 2 slices of bracelet wax blanks and instructions. Handpiece and cable not included.


      SKU: 21.02895

    • Matt Gun Kit
      Provides you with a versatile extrusion technique for creating jewelry models. The gun enables you to individually control the temperature and pressure of the extrusion process, thus creating wire shapes of constantly changing characteristics. Three different methods of design are possible: on objects, free form and on water for abstract effects. Kit contains Matt Gun with 2 brass tips, 3 styles of wax and a generously illustrated, 113 page book "Wax Modeling for Jewelry and Sculpture" by Adolfo Mattiello, which provides complete instructions.

      $11.75 to $305.00

    • Includes "how to Create Settings in Metal Wire and Wax" by Adolfo Mattiello, along with 2 templates. Beautifully designed book has 32 pages with over 250 finely detailed drawings. The metal working section shows step by step how to make many different styles and shapes of settings with drawn metal wire. It also shows how to join settings to create clusters. The wax working section shows how to make settings with carving wax, prong settings and settings turned on your Matt Mini Lathe. The 2 templates greatly increase precision and accuracy and the millimeter measurements enable you to use them as stone gauges.

      $21.75 to $99.15

    • The illustration of jewelry is the language by which an idea is transformed into reality. Knowing this language is essential in order to communicate with others your idea about a design. The designer with accurate and professional looking illustrations has an advantage. This manual brings the talents, expertise and individuality of outstanding jewelry designers into one volume. The templates provide support in making your ideas into a pleasing visual rendering. The manual ,and template set together, helps either student or trained designer bring design ideas to life. Book includes 5 templates


      SKU: 62.495

    • Mattiello brings the talents, expertise and individuality of 6 outstanding jewelry designers together in this comprehensive book. Features full instruction on jewelry illustration, with step by step guidelines and clear photographs and drawings explaining each process. A Valuable resource for the beginning designer as well as the experienced professional. It's also ideal for the retail jeweler who wants to illustrate a custom design or restyling idea for a customer. Hard cover with 152 pages and hundreds of full color photographs and illustrations. Also includes 5 different design templates.

      $84.20 to $155.00

    • Set of seven heavy gauge plastic templates for custom jewelry design. Includes templates for round, oval, baguette, emerald, marquise and pear stone shapes as well as templates for ring and setting designs. Contains metric and carat equivalents for accuracy and convenience.


      SKU: 35.570

    • Ring Template eliminate the time consuming job of drawing ring outlines with rulers and dividers and avoids the irregular contour of a shank made free hand. With 18 different cut out ring shapes, varying from the most popular to the most unusual, for ladies and gents rings. Made of durable plastic with precision milled shapes. Includes instructions and 2 samples of carving wax tablets.


      SKU: 21.02855

    • Bracelet Template enables you to quickly scribe bracelet shapes with complete accuracy and symmetry. Round, oval and square bracelets shapes from very small to large sizes. Includes instructions


      SKU: 21.02896

    • Traps gold and other precious metals for easy retrieval. Provides convenient method of precious metal collection while enabling you to keep arms and hands in a natural working position. Protects eyes, skin and clothes from dust, flying particles and wire from brushes while providi


      SKU: 21.03200

    • Enlarge the finger size of your wax models quickly and accurately. Hardwood mandrel is specially machined to incorporate a cutting steel blade that extends from the handle to the tip on the tapered section. Slide this tool through the hole of wax ring or ring tube and gently rotate clockwise. As the blade turns it scrapes inner wall, enlarging the ring to the size that is marked along the mandrel, leaving a smooth and even finish on the ring.


      SKU: 21.02890

    • Slice bars, rods and wax ring tubes into tablets with perfectly straight and parallel walls or tapered sides. The ring tube is held firmly in position inside the box so there is no strain on your hand. With stop/lock feature for cutting several tablets of the same thickness. The fine steel saw blade allows you to cut through the tube with no effort, leaving a smooth finish that does not require any filing.

      $15.90 to $105.00

    • A fine tapered hardwood mandrel, sanded and polished, on a sturdy supporting base. Mandrel can be rotated on base.


      SKU: 21.0897

    • Handy stock box, an important compliment to the Matt Gun Kit, contains the following items: over 40 wax pellets in 3 different colors, hardwood mandrel, alcohol lamp and wick strips.


      SKU: 21.0956

    • Professionally prepared videotape showing the versatility and simplicity of wax working with Matt tools. 16 minutes long. For other tapes, see Training Videos.

      $53.70 to $55.15