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    Matt Mini Lathe & Accessories

    Matt Mini Lathe
    A versatile hand held lathe, powered by your flex shaft, designed to turn rods of carving wax. Now includes precision gauge for measuring exact dimensions and thickness of work. You can easily produce bands, bezels, settings, coin holders, chess pieces, etc. Complete with 2 extra cutting tool blanks, wax rods, 3 piece blade set, 3 collets to hold wax, & sample wax wax instruction book. The blades enable you to shape a ring band into many designs.The 6 different ends give you a cut-off tool, a channel cutter, a half-round band hollower, a frame shaper and a cup former. Blades of .025" thick, 1/3" wide and 4" long and can be beveled to increase the number of designs possible. Handpiece and cable not included.

    All wax rod sets contain 4pcs.

    SKU: 21.028XX
    $6.70 to $310.00