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Matt Creative Settings Kit

Matt Creative Settings Kit

Includes "how to Create Settings in Metal Wire and Wax" by Adolfo Mattiello, along with 2 templates. Beautifully designed book has 32 pages with over 250 finely detailed drawings. The metal working section shows step by step how to make many different styles and shapes of settings with drawn metal wire. It also shows how to join settings to create clusters. The wax working section shows how to make settings with carving wax, prong settings and settings turned on your Matt Mini Lathe. The 2 templates greatly increase precision and accuracy and the millimeter measurements enable you to use them as stone gauges.

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21.02852Creative Settings Kit$115.25
21.02851Replacement Book$62.25
21.02853Replacement template for round settings$25.40
21.02854Replacement template for Oval, pear & marquise settings$25.40
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