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Steel Shot for Standard Tumblers & Vibratory Finishers

Steel Shot for Standard Tumblers & Vibratory Finishers

When used properly, steel shot can go a long way toward providing a final finish to many pieces and is excellent for getting into some of the difficult to reach crevices. Sold in 10 lb boxes (except TUM-125.02 and TUM-125.50)

From $56.95

47.0236/10Stainless SteelBalls 1/8"$413.10
47.0137/10Carbon SteelBalls 3/16"$96.65
47.0237/10Stainless SteelBalls 3/16"$279.00
47.0131/10Carbon SteelBall Cones 1/8"$129.00
47.0231/10Stainless SteelBall Cones 1/8"$355.00
47.0132/10Carbon SteelBall Cones 3/16"$138.00
47.0232/10Stainless SteelBall Cones 3/16"$300.00
47.0134/10Carbon SteelPins 1/16" x 9/32"$285.00
47.0234/10Stainless SteelPins 1/16" x 9/32"$745.00
47.0135/10Carbon SteelPins1/8" x 3/8"$219.00
47.0235/10Stainless SteelPins1/8" x 3/8"$530.00
47.0133/10Carbon SteelDiagonals1/4" x 1/2"$130.20
47.0233/10Stainless SteelDiagonals1/4" x 1/2"$365.00
47.0138Carbon SteelMixedall above$259.00
47.0238Stainless SteelMixedall above$499.00
TUM-125.02Stainless SteelMixed (2 lbs.)all above$56.95
TUM-125.50Stainless SteelMixed (50 lbs.)all above$1,200.00
47.0136/10Carbon SteelBalls1/8"$140.00
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