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Gray Plastic 1/4" Pyramids for Vibratory Media

Gray Plastic 1/4" Pyramids for Vibratory Media

The media used in vibratory machines are generally not suitable for standard tumbler. The media that is run wet requires a continuous rinsing not generally available in standard tumblers. The dry media is too light to be effective in standard tumblers. Steel media, generally used in tumbling, may also be used in heavy duty vibratory machines. However, most shops find the steel is too aggressive in its "peening" effect when used in vibratory machines. Shor provides a wide variety of media to be used in vibratory finishing and we encourage you to experiment. You'd be surprise to find how many shops are using outlandish media like erasers, wood pegs, bone and other odd media (and getting good results).

However, we recommend using just two media:
  • For the cutdown part of the finishing use either the white or the green plastic pyramids.
  • For the polishing part use either walnut shell or corn cob charged with red rouge, Blue Magic, ruby powder or Linde A.

Why use only two media? The answer is simple
labor time. The vibratory machines will take longer to finish when you don't use the more aggressive media, but you don't pay hourly wages to the machine. You pay the man who has to change the media and separate the rings for the next cycle. Normal cutdown cycle for fine media, like the white or green, is 8-10 hours. Normal polishing cycle time with walnut shells or corn cob is 24 hours.

From $51.00

Density Lbs Per Cubic Foot
47.0140/5Medium SilicateMedium cut down565 lbs.$51.00
47.0140/50Medium SilicateMedium cut down5650 lbs.$439.00
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