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Porcelain Balls for Standard Tumblers & Vibratory Finishers

An excellent alternative to steel shot.Requires no maintenance and never rusts.Lighter than steel, it has a similar result but with far less impingement on the pieces being polished.Because it is lighter than steel, it requires a slightly longer work time. Use with Compound D. Density is 125 lbs per cubic foot.

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47.801611 mm15 lbs$220.00
47.801601 mm5 lbs$85.05
47.801702 mm5 lbs$85.05
47.801712 mm15 lbs$169.00
47.801803 mm5 lbs$82.60
47.801813 mm15 lbs$175.00
47.801904 mm5 lbs$77.20
47.801914 mm15 lbs$156.00
47.801956 mm5 lbs$77.20
47.801966 mm15 lbs$156.00
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