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    Ring Clamps & Cutters

    • In an emergency, speed, safety and comfort are essential. Cuts the strongest alloys in less than 10 seconds, safely, without heat or discomfort. This modern system eliminates the old fashioned, lengthy and painful hand turned methods. High quality, powerful, cordless, battery operated (comes with 4 AA batteries). Since it's cordless, you can take it anywhere-- it's ideal in emergencies. The blade guard easily slips under the ring to protect hand and fingers completely. Chrome blade assembly can be sterilized. Comes with 1 year warranty on cutting unit (except blade). The ring cutter of choice for over 90% of all hospital emergency departments.


      SKU: 48.0610

    • Package of 2.


      SKU: 48.0611

    • Uses standard cordless screwdriver (not included). The unit now includes the traditional *key* which enables the user to turn the blades by hand, plus a new hexagonal shaped key for use with a battery powered screwdriver (not included). This key which fits any standard battery powered screwdriver is made of anodized tempered tool steel and fits into the handle and key perfectly to make the job faster and less painful. Simply unscrew the retainer nut from the standard butterfly key and replace with the hexagonal key - Bingo - it's ready to use with a power screwdriver. Made of the finest quality steel, this cutter will last for a long time. Replacement blades are available.  Not for use with an electric drill
      Use only with an electric screwdriver (a drill will strip the unit's gears and void the warrantee).


      SKU: PLR-814.15

    • For use with PLR-814.15 and PLR-814.00 only. Please note that these blades are not returnable.


      SKU: PLR-814.01

    • These large blade ring cutters are easier to use than traditional ring cutting pliers. Made entirely of stainless steel, the handles are gently curved. The turning handle is large and the blade is a generous 1 3/16" (30.30mm) in diameter for easy cutting. Blades are made of tempered steel and are easily replaced. Total length is 6-1/2 "(170mm).


      SKU: PLR-815.00

    • Blade only for Large Blade Ring Cutter..


      SKU: PLR-815.05

    • Strong and lightweight with box joint and completely enclosed cutter. Chrome plated brass with comfort grip handle.


      SKU: 48.02430

    • Replacement blade for Economy Ring Cutter.


      SKU: 48.02431

    • Our most popular model. Saws ring while on or off finger. Satin chrome finished metal parts are set in molded plastic handle with comfort grip design.


      SKU: 48.220

    • Replacement saw blade for Beaver Ring Cutter.


      SKU: 48.224

    • Cuts titanium and other hard metals.


      SKU: 48.225

    • With knurled, non-slip handle. Nickel plated, except for saw.


      SKU: 48.180

    • Replacement saw blade for Lightweight Ring Cutter.


      SKU: 48.192


      • Lets you hold rings from the inside (like the BenchMate inside ring holder).
      • Works with all GRS engraving blocks and also most vises.
      • Great for stone setting and ring engraving.
      • Works for extra wide rings too (requires an additional collet set so you can double stack the collets).


      SKU: G04-679

    • Quality wood clamp with leather lined jaws for holding rings and other pieces. One side is rounded, the other squared off. Wedge can be driven into either end to close the other jaw tight.


      SKU: 48.125

    • A double ended clamp with thick leather lined jaws for holding rings and other jewelry pieces securely while filing, polishing, stone setting etc. The tough DuPont material used to make this clamp outlast wood many times over and the molded construction assures perfect alignment of jaws. The wedge supplied is made of the same tough material and can be driven in hard for a tight grip.


      SKU: 48.100

    • Used to hold rings with vise like grip while polishing. No more burned or blistered fingers from overheated rings. Also helps eliminate buffing wheel "grab". Adjusts to fit most rings.


      SKU: 48.070

    • One end clamps from the outside for polishing and stone setting, while the other end holds from the inside for total circumference polishing and buffing. Metal construction conducts heat away from ring. Holds ring sizes 1 through 13.


      SKU: 48.105

    • Clamps ring securely for filing, sanding and polishing inside of rings.


      SKU: 48.106