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Manual/Electric Ring Cutter

Manual/Electric Ring Cutter

Uses standard cordless screwdriver (not included). The unit now includes the traditional *key* which enables the user to turn the blades by hand, plus a new hexagonal shaped key for use with a battery powered screwdriver (not included). This key which fits any standard battery powered screwdriver is made of anodized tempered tool steel and fits into the handle and key perfectly to make the job faster and less painful. Simply unscrew the retainer nut from the standard butterfly key and replace with the hexagonal key - Bingo - it's ready to use with a power screwdriver. Made of the finest quality steel, this cutter will last for a long time. Replacement blades are available.  Not for use with an electric drill
Use only with an electric screwdriver (a drill will strip the unit's gears and void the warrantee).


SKU: PLR-814.15

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