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Electric Ring Cutter

In an emergency, speed, safety and comfort are essential. Cuts the strongest alloys in less than 10 seconds, safely, without heat or discomfort. This modern system eliminates the old fashioned, lengthy and painful hand turned methods. High quality, powerful, cordless, battery operated (comes with 4 AA batteries). Since it's cordless, you can take it anywhere-- it's ideal in emergencies. The blade guard easily slips under the ring to protect hand and fingers completely. Chrome blade assembly can be sterilized. Comes with 1 year warranty on cutting unit (except blade).  The ring cutter of choice for over 90% of all hospital emergency departments.

The High Speed Steel Blade, sku 48.0600(1) lasts approximately 5 times longer than the standard tool steel blades (48.0611) and are sold in packs of 1.

Ring cutters are not effective in removing ceramic or carbide rings.  For these kinds of rings, use the Shor Ring Cracker.

From $29.95

48.0610 Ring Cutter Complete$395.90
48.0610.3Blade Guard$34.40
48.0611(1)Tool Steel Blade$29.95
48.0600(1)High Speed Steel Blade$49.95
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