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    Flex Shaft Handpieces

    • The first choice among setters for many years. Slim body for precise control. Quick release lever. Accepts 3/32" shank tools. Made in Italy.

      $459.00 to $471.70

    • This handpieces is very similar to the Faro, but made in the USA by Foredom. Slim body for precise control. Quick release lever.

      $290.16 to $316.16

    • Ergonomic design provides improved control and extra comfort. Quick release lever. Accepts 3/32" shank tools.

      $280.90 to $405.00

    • Quick release with just a twist of the wrist. Accepts 3/32" shank tools. Very slim body. Standard flex shaft connection.


      SKU: 34.333

    • Push-pull release with wrench. Accepts 3/32" shank tools. Slim body. Pencil Grip Handling- Foredom's No 8 Handpiece has a slender design with tapered front grips for holding like a pencil. They are comfortable to handle in this fashion for long periods of time.

      $82.16 to $114.40

    • Rugged and versatile. Most popular handpiece for all round use. One of the most versatile in type of items it will hold. Very durable, yet one of the least expensive. Foredom's most popular handpiece features a geared 3 Jaw # 0 Jacobs chuck that takes any size shank accessory or drill bit up to 5/32" (4 mm). Comes with the CK-0 chuck key with molded plastic handle. Various bench top tools are available to work with the versatile No. 30. including Foredom's drill presses, and handpiece holder, and the Allset Stone Setting and other Kits.

      $38.55 to $72.80

    • Excellent general purpose handpiece. Similar to the # 30 handpieces but with collets instead of Jacobs chuck.. Collet-type chuck handpiece accommodates accessories with shank sizes up to ‚1/4" in diameter. Comes with three collets: 3/32" (2.35mm),1/8" (3.18mm) and ‚1/4" (6.4mm), and pin and chuck wrench. Other fractional and metric collets are available separately and in Collet Set 440. Can also be used in Foredomalt#39;s handpiece holder and drill presses. 53/8" long,1" diameter (center) 31/2" diameter (taper), wt. 5.85 oz., ship wt. 7.5 oz.


      SKU: H.44T

    • TXH Handpieces

      These handpieces have "square drives" with positive sheath locking mechanisms (locking rings that must be used exclusively with either Series TXH motors shown above or with the discontinued Series H motors). The # 25 handpieces are not members of the Foredom system of interchangeable handpieces. The heavy duty # 25 has permanently lubricated and shielded ball bearings for cool running continuous use. Precision collets from 1-1/16" to 1/4" and metric sizes are available. 1-3/32" diameter, 6-1/8" long.

      $84.76 to $171.60

    • Specially designed to hit hard, under control, without excessive heat build-up. Adjustable striking force. Excellent for setting. Hammer tip (1.5 mm round) included.

      $16.65 to $465.00

    • With 1/32" stroke and adjustable impact. An excellent hammer that has been a standard in the jewelry industry for decades. Cannot be used with ‚1/2 HP motor

      $29.00 to $175.76

    • Creates a hammered, textured finish on gold and silver. Unit is lightweight and easy-to-handle. Adjustable stroke control conveniently located on the handpiece. Use handpiece at 90

      $101.00 to $733.95

    • Fits on the Foredom PowerGraver. Adjusting ring changes impact force and palm rest provides comfort and "feel" of a hand engraving tool. Comes with 3 interchangeable collets (1/16", 3/32", 1/8".


      SKU: H.9D