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Foredom # 25 Heavy Duty Handpieces

Foredom # 25 Heavy Duty Handpieces

TXH Handpieces

These handpieces have "square drives" with positive sheath locking mechanisms (locking rings that must be used exclusively with either Series TXH motors shown above or with the discontinued Series H motors). The # 25 handpieces are not members of the Foredom system of interchangeable handpieces. The heavy duty # 25 has permanently lubricated and shielded ball bearings for cool running continuous use. Precision collets from 1-1/16" to 1/4" and metric sizes are available. 1-3/32" diameter, 6-1/8" long.

From $83.22

H.25Standard #25$168.74
HP103000Collet Set for# 25$83.22
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